About Guirra SheepAbout Guirra Sheep

Guirra, also known as Sudat and Levant Red, sheep are from Spain. They are found mainly in the Mediterranean coast of the Spanish provinces of Alicante, Castellon de la Plana and Valencia. Their early history is unknown; but according to some authors, they were developed from crossings of Manchega with thin-tailed North African sheep brought to the Mediterranean coast. In the past they were bred to produce meat, milk, and wool. But today, they are raised primarily for meat production.

Guirra sheep are small to medium sized, with red and white coloration. The lambs have a reddish-brown fleece, but their wool lightens to a red and cream color mixed fleece as they mature. Their ears are medium sized which project horizontally from the top of their head. Their fleece covers their trunk, neck, and part of their legs. They don’t grow a dense wool and are considered to be quite greasy. Their skin is usually dark.

Guirra sheep are considered an officially protected breed according to the Official Catalogue of Spanish Livestock Breeds.