Arado Cows

About Arado CattleAbout Arado Cattle

Arado cattle are from the North Ethiopian highlands. They are part of the Zenga breed group. Mainly they are bred as draught animals, particularly tillage. They fed mainly on crop residues. They are often cross-bred through bull and artificial insemination services.

Arado cattle have red and black coats. Bulls and oxen have thick and short horns and a cervicothoracic hump; cows have medium, thin horns. Oxen weigh 254 kg and cows 201 kg on average. The average height at withers of 120 and 115 cm.

Mating takes place on the grazing grounds, or the cow is brought to a bull in the neighborhood. Farmers try essentially to improve the Arado breed through crossbreeding with other indigenous breeds. This favors selection for fitness, and the adaptation to broader farming systems and environmental conditions.