Andalusian Grey Cows

About Andalusian Grey CattleAbout Andalusian Grey Cattle

Andalusian Black cattle are native to the Andalusia region of Spain. It is also known as "Castellana-Andaluza" or "Andalusian Grey". They are known for their hardiness and resistance to disease, as well as their ability to thrive in harsh and semi-arid regions. They are medium to large animals, with a distinctive gray color, and long horns. They are known for their high milk production, especially during the summer months, and good milk quality. They are also used for drought purposes and as a source of meat. The breed is well suited to survive in hot and dry regions, which makes them well suited for the climate of Andalusia. Due to their ability to survive in harsh conditions, they are considered as a hardy breed and well suited for extensive farming. They have a good meat quality and are known for their good conformation, and are well adapted to the climate and vegetation of the region. They are considered as a rare and endangered breed, conservation efforts are being made to preserve the breed.