About Wallis Country SheepAbout Wallis Country Sheep

Wallis Country Sheep (Roux du Valais) are from Upper Wallis, where they were once as widespread as the Valais Blacknosed Sheep. It is believed that they are related to the now extinct Copper Sheep, Pilot Sheep, Roux de Bagnes.

They are reddish-brown color (roux) and are horned. They have course wool and are used for a lean meat production. They are noted for their extreme trust in humans and a particularly strong herd instinct. They are well suited for management of borderline production areas and landscape care.

They nearly died out in Switzlerland in the 1980s. However, they experienced a renaissance through the promotion of Pro Specie Rara and the expansion of the breeding area into Romandie and German-speaking Switzerland. Responsibility for the breed lies with the Swiss Sheep Breeders Club of the Wallis Country Sheep (Roux du Valais), which was founded in Bern in 1994.