About Beltex SheepAbout Beltex Sheep

Photo Source: National Sheep Association
Photo Source: National Sheep Association
The Beltex sheep is characterized by its medium size and elongated body, presenting a distinctive wedge shape from a narrow shoulder to a robust hindquarter that boasts a double-muscled appearance. The head of the Beltex sheep typically displays a predominantly white coloration, although it may feature shadings or patches of black, blue, or brown. With a short and thick fore face, the Beltex sheep exudes a sturdy and robust demeanor.

In terms of fleece characteristics, the Beltex sheep's wool is tight, dense, and of medium staple length, contributing to its overall resilience and durability. These fleece traits make it well-suited for various applications in the textile industry.

On average, male Beltex sheep have a body weight of approximately 95 kilograms, reflecting their muscular build and substantial physique within the breed.