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Bardigiano horses, also known as Bardigiano Ponies, are from Bardi, Italy.

The first horses that populated Bardi were brought during the Roman Era. During the centuries, the breed developed as a mountain horse; in the 15th century, there were attempts to make it more gentle by cross-breeding it with Arabian-Friulian horses, thus obtaining a horse very similar to the one of today.

They almost became extinct after the First World War. In 1977, a "Regulation for the selection and for the Genealogic Book of the Bardigiano horse" was approved. This sets the breed standard and had the aim of making it homogenous.

Bardigiano horses were used in the past for agricultural work in impervious areas and even meat production, but nowadays they are appreciated for equestrian Tourism.

Content and photo source: Agraria.org.

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