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Pindos ponies, also known as Thessalian Ponies, come from Greece, mostly around Thessaly. In the third century the Greek poet Oppian wrote that these ponies were “most noted for beauty, courage, and endurance”.  

Pindos Ponies are rather agile animals. They are also considered frugal and surefooted. Having a surefooted horse equates a very easy journey for those seeking a means to travel inexpensively with a dependable creature. They have been utilized for agriculture, pack, harness duties, and of course, riding. They can be found in Greece, Albania, Macedonia, and other areas of the Ionian Sea and Aegean Sea.  

They have a reputation for being consistent and easy to train. At times, they may have some stubborn moments, but for the most part they are one of the easier breeds to train and keep. Sheppards utilized them for their skills and great endurance.    

They stand at thirteen hands tall. They have a plain head with smaller eyes and a slim neck. They have long backs, hard feet, and pronounced withers. Commonly they are spotted: some have a leopard appearance and almost all of these with a white pattern. Breeders can be very particular and only select to mingle breeds that are going to make a perfect match with their prints or coats.

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