Thuringian Goats

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Thuringian Goats are a variety ofrndairy German goat found in Thüringen, eastern Germany. They were developed fromrnToggenburg, Harzerziege, Rhönziege, and Thüringer Landziege goats around 1885.rnIn the early 1900s Swiss Toggenburg, Harzerziege, and Rhönziege were introducedrnand Swiss Toggenburg was used again in 1988.

rnrnThey are chocolate-brown withrnwhite markings on head and legs, a light face mask and white flash on the rump.rnThey may be either polled or horned. Adult males weigh on average 55 kg andrnfemales 48 kg with an average wither height of 78 cm and 74 cm respectively. Theyrnare known for their adaptability to mountainous regions and their ability tornwalk long distances. The breed is nearly extinct.