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Nigora Goats are medium-sized (19in to 29in tall) milk and fiber goats. Nigora Goats are generally calm, amiable, and laid back. Due to their good nature and size Nigora Goats are sold as pets, and well as milk and fiber animals.

Nigora Goats originated in the United States in the early 1990s. Early Nigoras contained a mixture of Nigerian Dwarf, white and colored Angora goat bloodlines, as well as some small grade fiber goat breeding; today's Nigoras may also contain the bloodlines of registered Swiss type Mini Dairy breeds.

The conformation, character and style of the modern Nigora should be that of a healthy, proportionate animal: It should exhibit a rectangular build, refinement, bone structure, substance and angularity typical of a well formed miniature dairy goat, while also producing three distinct types of fleece. The fleece varies between mohair fiber and cashmere wool in character, with cashgora fiber being a blend of characteristics between the first two types.

Nigora Goats are produced, and promoted, as particularly suited for the micro-eco farming niche, Urban goat keeping, small homesteading, personal family use, and as pets. Their friendly dispositions, smaller size, and general ease of care also makes the Nigora suitable for children and prospective senior or special needs goat owners.

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