Zhongwei Goats

About Zhongwei GoatsAbout Zhongwei Goats

Zhongwei goats are only from the arid desert steppes of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Gansu Province of China. They are bred primarily for the production of kid pelts, and secondarily for cashmere fiber.

They live chiefly, if not solely, on salty or sandy plants or shrubs.

Both genders are horned with the male's horns stretching upward and twisted. The males average 39 kg (85 pounds) and females 24.5 kg (55 pounds). The Zhongwei reach sexual maturity at five to six months and are generally mated at 18 months of age. The kidding percentage is 104-106 percent.

The kids are often slaughtered at 35 days of age for their pelts, which have white, lustrous staples, and lovely curls. Zhongwei goats also produce cashmere. The males produce approximately 140 g of cashmere and the female 120 g. The percentage of cashmere in both sexes is 25% of the total fleece. The cashmere length is 7.0 cm and 12.5 microns.