American Cashmere Goats

About American Cashmere GoatsAbout American Cashmere Goats

Inrnthe 1970s Wild goats from Australia were crossed with Spanish meat goats livingrnin the American southwest and after years of selective breeding, AmericanrnCashmere Goats were developed.

Americanrncashmere goats are still considered rare, but the North America herd is increasingrnin size.

AmericanrnCashmere goats start growing a new coat of cashmere fiber each summer. Therncashmere fiber starts to loosen and shed in early spring. The natural color ofrncashmere fiber is usually light to chocolate brown, cream, white, or gray.

Theyrnare remarkably intelligent, friendly, and easy going. They get along well withrnother animals, children, and each other. They mix well with cattle and horses,rnwhich prefer different plants. Goat feed is only needed when females arernpregnant or nursing and while the kids are young.

AlthoughrnAmerican Cashmere Goats prefer to eat weeds and brush, they also like pasturernplants and hay. Like other goats, they digest their food in stages and don'trneat much for their size.