Altai Mountain Goats

About Altai Mountain GoatsAbout Altai Mountain Goats

The Altai Mountain goats, or Gornoaltaiiskaya, are wool-producing goats from the Altai mountains in Gorno-Altai Autonomous Region of the former Soviet Union.

Their diet consists mainly of grasses and other plant life and they graze almost constantly during the day.

Unlike some other breeds of wool producing goats, the Altai mountain goats are very consistent on their wool production amounts from one goat to the next. There is usually only a ten percent difference in yield at a maximum.

They are quite uniform in both color and size and mature slowly, not reaching full adult status for five years or more.

Wool of Altai Mountain goats has high technical qualities and is a valuable commodity for light industry. The breaking length of the Altai mountain goat's wool is around nine centimeters- this is true for both males and females. The guard hairs are black and the true wool is a dark gray color.