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Photo Source: <a href=https://thecapecoop.com/ class = body target = _blank>TheCapeCoop.com</a>
Photo Source: TheCapeCoop.com
Crevecouer are a breed of domestic duck originating in France. They are known for their meat production. They have a unique feather pattern and are often used for exhibitions. They get their name from the town of Crevecoeur-en-Auge in the Calvados region of Normandy, France.

The Crevecoeur is a medium-sized duck, with a distinctive and attractive feather pattern of black and white feathers that resemble a laced design. It is also known for its distinctive crested head. The breed is considered a docile and friendly bird and is well suited for small-scale backyard duck flocks.

Crevecoeurs are good layers of eggs, and their meat is considered of high quality. However, the breed is primarily kept for its ornamental value, and is not a popular breed for commercial duck production. They are well-suited for exhibition and showing, and have been recognized by the American Poultry Association and the Livestock Conservancy.

Overall, the Crevecoeur is a rare and unique breed of domestic duck, prized for its distinctive feather pattern and friendly personality.