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Donkey Breeds

Âne Africain
Âne de Provence
Âne du Gourma
Âne du Miankala
Âne du plateau Dogon
Âne du Sahel
Âne du Yatenga
Âne locale
Âne wallon
Asino Argentato di Sologno
Asino Baio Lucano
Asino dell'Irpinia
Asino di Sant'Alberto
Asino Emiliano
Asino Pugliese
Asnal Criolin'
Asno Americana
Asno Balear
Asno Criollo
Asno de las Encartaciones
Australian Teamster
Barockesel/Austrian-Hungarian White
Berry Black (Grand Noir du Berry)
Berry Grey (Âne Petit Gris du Berry)
Bourbonnais (Âne du Bourbonnais)
Burro Criollo
Burro Kentucky
Castel Morrone (Asino di Castel Morrone)
China North
Cotentin (Âne du Cotentin)
Dwarf of Graciosa (Burro de Graciosa)
Egypt Baladi
English / Irish
Istarski Magarac
Magyar Parlagi Szamár
Mammoth Jack Stock
Martina Franca
Miranda (Burro do Miranda)
Moldavian Local
National Genatic
Norman (Âne Normand)
Primorsko Dinarski Magarac
Puttalam Buruwa
Pyrenean (Âne des Pyrénées)
Sicilian Grey
Sjeverno Jadranski Magarac
South-West Chinese
Sudanese Pack
Viterbese (Grigio Viterbese)

Donkey Breeds

Donkeys were first domesticated around 5,000 years ago as beasts of burden and companions, most likely in Egypt or Mesopotamia. There are about 41 million donkeys in the world today; China has the most with 11 million, followed by Pakistan, Ethiopia, and Mexico.

Donkeys vary considerably in size, depending on breed and management. The height at the withers ranges from 7.3 hands (31 inches or 79 cm) to 15.3 hands (63 inches or 160 cm), and they weigh from 80 to 480 kg (180 to 1,060 lb.). Working donkeys in the poorest countries have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years; and in more prosperous countries, they may have a lifespan of 30 to 50 years.

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Breeds of Donkeys

Incomplete list

We are still working on this list. If you have any pictures or information about one of these breeds that you would like to share please contact us. We would love to get your help.

There are the following breeds of Donkeys:

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Abkhazskaya - Breeds of DonkeyAbkhazskaya

Abkhazskaya Breeds of Livestock

Abyssinian - Breeds of DonkeyAbyssinian

Abyssinian donkeys are found throughout Ethiopia usually dry and mountainous areas. They are typically between 8.4 and 10 hands tall and weigh between 190-450 pounds. Their gestation period is 11-13 months and overall they typically have a lifespan of between 30-40 years. They are most often a slate-gray color but occasionally they are chestnut-brown.

Abyssinian Breeds of Livestock

Algerian - Breeds of DonkeyAlgerian

Algerian Breeds of Livestock

Amiata - Breeds of DonkeyAmiata

Photo: www.agraria.org
At the end of ‘800 this donkey was well spotted in the area of Amiata mountains in Tuscany, a uniform population of grey coated donkeys with special black and white stripes in the limbs and a scapular cross Thanks to their slender and nimble shape, they could go up to steep and rough mountains. Neurotic and good-natured as well, these donkeys had a large diffusion mainly as recurrent winners in the traditional ‘palio’. Thanks to the Horse Increase Institute at Pisa a group of these donkeys have been preserved with known ascendants an ...

Amiata Breeds of Livestock

Anatolia - Breeds of DonkeyAnatolia

Anatolia Donkeys are also known as Brown Donkeys and are mainly found throughout Turkey. They are usually black and gray. 

Anatolia Donkeys date back beyond the Ottoman Empire; they were used alongside mules and horses to transport goods along rivers, steep slopes, and rocky terrain. Most often they were used by peasants to transport goods before the roads and bridges were built. Today they are still extensively used in the East Anatolia Region and Northeastern part of Black Sea Coast in the more mountainous areas ...

Anatolia Breeds of Livestock

Anatolian - Breeds of DonkeyAnatolian

Anatolian Breeds of Livestock

Andalusian - Breeds of DonkeyAndalusian

Andalusian Breeds of Livestock

Âne Africain - Breeds of DonkeyÂne Africain

Âne Africain Breeds of Livestock

Âne de Provence - Breeds of DonkeyÂne de Provence

Âne de Provence Breeds of Livestock

Âne du Gourma - Breeds of DonkeyÂne du Gourma

Âne du Gourma Breeds of Livestock

Âne du Miankala - Breeds of DonkeyÂne du Miankala

Âne du Miankala Breeds of Livestock

Âne du plateau Dogon - Breeds of DonkeyÂne du plateau Dogon

Âne du plateau Dogon Breeds of Livestock

Âne du Sahel - Breeds of DonkeyÂne du Sahel

Âne du Sahel Breeds of Livestock

Âne du Yatenga - Breeds of DonkeyÂne du Yatenga

Âne du Yatenga Breeds of Livestock

Âne locale - Breeds of DonkeyÂne locale

Âne locale Breeds of Livestock

Âne wallon - Breeds of DonkeyÂne wallon

Âne wallon Breeds of Livestock

Ânes - Breeds of DonkeyÂnes

Ânes Breeds of Livestock

Anger - Breeds of DonkeyAnger

Anger Breeds of Livestock

Armyanskaya - Breeds of DonkeyArmyanskaya

Armyanskaya Breeds of Livestock

Asinara - Breeds of DonkeyAsinara

Photo Alessio Zanon

Asinara Donkeys are from the isle of Asinara, Italy, where a colony of around a hundred still live in the wild. They are small donkeys with a white coat, probably because of an incomplete albinism.

The Asinara donkey’s ancestors may have been imported originally from Egypt by the Duke of Asinara in 1800. Evidently by the end of the 19th century some white-coated donkeys lived on the island, probably they were abandoned by the inhabitants that had moved in 1885 when the island had become State Property.

So ...

Asinara Breeds of Livestock

Asino Argentato di Sologno - Breeds of DonkeyAsino Argentato di Sologno

Asino Argentato di Sologno Breeds of Livestock

Asino Baio Lucano - Breeds of DonkeyAsino Baio Lucano

Asino Baio Lucano Breeds of Livestock

Asino dell'Irpinia - Breeds of DonkeyAsino dell'Irpinia

Asino dell'Irpinia Breeds of Livestock

Asino di Sant'Alberto - Breeds of DonkeyAsino di Sant'Alberto

Asino di Sant'Alberto Breeds of Livestock

Asino Emiliano - Breeds of DonkeyAsino Emiliano

Asino Emiliano Breeds of Livestock

Asino Pugliese - Breeds of DonkeyAsino Pugliese

Asino Pugliese Breeds of Livestock

Asnal Criolin' - Breeds of DonkeyAsnal Criolin'

Asnal Criolin' Breeds of Livestock

Asno - Breeds of DonkeyAsno

Asno Breeds of Livestock

Asno Americana - Breeds of DonkeyAsno Americana

Asno Americana Breeds of Livestock

Asno Balear - Breeds of DonkeyAsno Balear

Asno Balear Breeds of Livestock

Asno Criollo - Breeds of DonkeyAsno Criollo

Asno Criollo Breeds of Livestock

Asno de las Encartaciones - Breeds of DonkeyAsno de las Encartaciones

Asno de las Encartaciones Breeds of Livestock

Australian Teamster - Breeds of DonkeyAustralian Teamster

Photo by Pat Emmett
Australian ‘Teamster’ Donkeys evolved from Donkeys were mainly introduced into Australia in the nineteenth century, especially for use in the hot, dry, harsh interior of the continent. Donkeys in Australia had a mixture of blood from British as well as Nubian and Arabian strains, all of which were imported into the country in the early period of European settlement.

With the increasing use of mechanized transport, donkeys largely outlived their usefulness, and many were released, forming feral herds in outback areas.


Australian Teamster Breeds of Livestock

Azerbaidzhanskaya - Breeds of DonkeyAzerbaidzhanskaya

Azerbaidzhanskaya Breeds of Livestock

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Top

Balkan - Breeds of DonkeyBalkan

Balkan Breeds of Livestock

Barockesel/Austrian-Hungarian White - Breeds of DonkeyBarockesel/Austrian-Hungarian White

Barockesel/Austrian-Hungarian White Breeds of Livestock

Benderi - Breeds of DonkeyBenderi

Benderi Breeds of Livestock

Berry Black (Grand Noir du Berry) - Breeds of DonkeyBerry Black (Grand Noir du Berry)

Berry Black (Grand Noir du Berry) Breeds of Livestock

Berry Grey (Âne Petit Gris du Berry) - Breeds of DonkeyBerry Grey (Âne Petit Gris du Berry)

Berry Grey (Âne Petit Gris du Berry) Breeds of Livestock

Biyang - Breeds of DonkeyBiyang

Biyang Breeds of Livestock

Black - Breeds of DonkeyBlack

Black Breeds of Livestock

Bourbonnais (Âne du Bourbonnais) - Breeds of DonkeyBourbonnais (Âne du Bourbonnais)

Bourbonnais (Âne du Bourbonnais) Breeds of Livestock

Bourik - Breeds of DonkeyBourik

Bourik Breeds of Livestock

Bourik - Breeds of DonkeyBourik

Bourik Breeds of Livestock

Brasil - Breeds of DonkeyBrasil

Brasil Breeds of Livestock

Bulgaro - Breeds of DonkeyBulgaro

Bulgaro Breeds of Livestock

Burro - Breeds of DonkeyBurro

Burro Breeds of Livestock

Burro Criollo - Breeds of DonkeyBurro Criollo

Burro Criollo Breeds of Livestock

Burro Kentucky - Breeds of DonkeyBurro Kentucky

Burro Kentucky Breeds of Livestock

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Top
Burro KentuckyDonkey

Caninde - Breeds of DonkeyCaninde

Caninde Breeds of Livestock

Cardao - Breeds of DonkeyCardao

Cardao Breeds of Livestock

Cariovilli - Breeds of DonkeyCariovilli

Cariovilli Breeds of Livestock

Castel Morrone (Asino di Castel Morrone) - Breeds of DonkeyCastel Morrone (Asino di Castel Morrone)

Castel Morrone (Asino di Castel Morrone) Breeds of Livestock

Catalan - Breeds of DonkeyCatalan

Catalan Breeds of Livestock

Chigetai - Breeds of DonkeyChigetai

Chigetai Breeds of Livestock

China North - Breeds of DonkeyChina North

China North Breeds of Livestock

Comune - Breeds of DonkeyComune

Comune Breeds of Livestock

Cotentin (Âne du Cotentin) - Breeds of DonkeyCotentin (Âne du Cotentin)

Cotentin (Âne du Cotentin) Breeds of Livestock

Creole - Breeds of DonkeyCreole

Creole Breeds of Livestock

Criollo - Breeds of DonkeyCriollo

Criollo Breeds of Livestock

Cyprus - Breeds of DonkeyCyprus

Cyprus Breeds of Livestock

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Top

Dagestanskaya - Breeds of DonkeyDagestanskaya

Dagestanskaya Breeds of Livestock

Damascus - Breeds of DonkeyDamascus

Damascus Breeds of Livestock

Dezhou - Breeds of DonkeyDezhou

Dezhou Breeds of Livestock

Dongolawl - Breeds of DonkeyDongolawl

Dongolawl Breeds of Livestock

Dwarf of Graciosa (Burro de Graciosa) - Breeds of DonkeyDwarf of Graciosa (Burro de Graciosa)

Dwarf of Graciosa (Burro de Graciosa) Breeds of Livestock

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Top
Dwarf of Graciosa (Burro de Graciosa)Donkey

Egypt Baladi - Breeds of DonkeyEgypt Baladi

Egypt Baladi Breeds of Livestock

Egyptian - Breeds of DonkeyEgyptian

Egyptian Breeds of Livestock

English / Irish - Breeds of DonkeyEnglish / Irish

Photo: Trotter/McCulloch
Historically, the donkey was never used extensively in Britain – except in Ireland, where it became the principal draught animal for cottagers and smallholders throughout the country.
Eggs and butter, which were the chief produce of the widespread small farms, were brought to market weekly by a patient donkey harnessed to a small cart, usually driven by the farmer's wife.

While some breeders refer to their donkeys as “Irish” and others as “English”, they are essentially the same breed and are grouped as English/Irish b ...

English / Irish Breeds of Livestock

Etbai - Breeds of DonkeyEtbai

Etbai Breeds of Livestock

Ezel - Breeds of DonkeyEzel

Ezel Breeds of Livestock
There are no Donkey breeds that start with the letter F.

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Georgian - Breeds of DonkeyGeorgian

Georgian Breeds of Livestock

Green - Breeds of DonkeyGreen

Green Breeds of Livestock

Grey - Breeds of DonkeyGrey

Grey Breeds of Livestock

Guangling - Breeds of DonkeyGuangling

Guangling Breeds of Livestock

Guanzhong - Breeds of DonkeyGuanzhong

Guanzhong Breeds of Livestock

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Top

Hamadan - Breeds of DonkeyHamadan

Hamadan Breeds of Livestock

Hassawi - Breeds of DonkeyHassawi

Hassawi Breeds of Livestock

Hinnies - Breeds of DonkeyHinnies

A hinny is a domestic equine hybrid that is the offspring of a male horse, a stallion, and a female donkey, a jenny. It is the reciprocal cross to the more common mule, which is the product of a male donkey (jack) and a female horse, a mare.

Hinnies Breeds of Livestock

Huaibei - Breeds of DonkeyHuaibei

Huaibei Breeds of Livestock

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Top

Indian - Breeds of DonkeyIndian

Indian Breeds of Livestock

Iranian - Breeds of DonkeyIranian

Iranian Breeds of Livestock

Istarski Magarac - Breeds of DonkeyIstarski Magarac

Istarski Magarac Breeds of Livestock

Italian - Breeds of DonkeyItalian

Italian Breeds of Livestock

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Top

Jiami - Breeds of DonkeyJiami

Jiami Breeds of Livestock

Jinnan - Breeds of DonkeyJinnan

Jinnan Breeds of Livestock

Jirnrna - Breeds of DonkeyJirnrna

Jirnrna Breeds of Livestock

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Top

Kakhetinskaya - Breeds of DonkeyKakhetinskaya

Kakhetinskaya Breeds of Livestock

Kara-Kalpakskaya - Breeds of DonkeyKara-Kalpakskaya

Kara-Kalpakskaya Breeds of Livestock

Karakaçan - Breeds of DonkeyKarakaçan

Karakaçan Breeds of Livestock

Kashan - Breeds of DonkeyKashan

Kashan Breeds of Livestock

Kassala - Breeds of DonkeyKassala

Kassala Breeds of Livestock

Kazakhskaya - Breeds of DonkeyKazakhskaya

Kazakhskaya Breeds of Livestock

Kirgizskaya - Breeds of DonkeyKirgizskaya

Kirgizskaya Breeds of Livestock

Kulun - Breeds of DonkeyKulun

Kulun Breeds of Livestock

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Top

Liangzhou - Breeds of DonkeyLiangzhou

Liangzhou Breeds of Livestock

Libyan - Breeds of DonkeyLibyan

Libyan Breeds of Livestock

Linxian - Breeds of DonkeyLinxian

Linxian Breeds of Livestock

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Top

Magyar Parlagi Szamár - Breeds of DonkeyMagyar Parlagi Szamár

Magyar Parlagi Szamár Breeds of Livestock

Majorera - Breeds of DonkeyMajorera

Majorera Breeds of Livestock

Maltese - Breeds of DonkeyMaltese

Maltese Breeds of Livestock

Mammoth Jack Stock - Breeds of DonkeyMammoth Jack Stock

American Mammouth Jack Donkeys are descended from multiple breeds of donkeys imported to the United States including Maltese, Poitou, Andalusian, Majorcan, and Catalonian donkeys.

The males are typically 14 hands tall and the females are about 13 hands. Mammouth Jacks have a draft horse-like build. They are a tall, sturdy, and reliable animal, and compared frequently to work horses.

Mammouth Jacks can be found in black, chestnut, spotted, dun, white, dapple gray, bay or palomino; however, chestnut is their m ...

Mammoth Jack Stock Breeds of Livestock

Mannar - Breeds of DonkeyMannar

Mannar Breeds of Livestock

Martina Franca  - Breeds of DonkeyMartina Franca

Martina Franca Donkeys are large size donkeys (135-160cm high at the withers) are from Apulia, Italy. Most likely they were developed by crossbreeding local dark-coated donkeys with donkeys from Catalogna imported into the area at the beginning of the 16 century.

They have a quite lively temperament. They are well-adapted to difficult and rocky ground and are used as beasts of burden.

Content and Photo source: Agraria.org.

Martina Franca  Breeds of Livestock

Mary - Breeds of DonkeyMary

Mary donkeys are large donkeys from the Ashkhaad and Mary regions of Turkmenia. There are both a large and small version of the Mary donkey. Large versions of the male Mary donkey are typically 119-120cm, and females are 116-118cm. Fully grown Mary donkeys often weigh around 650 pounds and can carry 150-275 pounds.

Mary Donkeys are closely related to the Iranian Hamadan donkeys whose descendants can also be found in Azerbaijan. 

They are no longer widely used as pack animals, plus expeditions and mounta ...

Mary Breeds of Livestock

Maryisltaya - Breeds of DonkeyMaryisltaya

Maryisltaya Breeds of Livestock

Masai - Breeds of DonkeyMasai

Masai Breeds of Livestock

Masri - Breeds of DonkeyMasri

Masri Breeds of Livestock

Merzifon - Breeds of DonkeyMerzifon

Merzifon Breeds of Livestock

Meskhet-Dzhavakhetskaya - Breeds of DonkeyMeskhet-Dzhavakhetskaya

Meskhet-Dzhavakhetskaya Breeds of Livestock

Miniature - Breeds of DonkeyMiniature

Image from Good Time Ridge Farm LLC
These tiny animals come from the Mediterranean islands of Sardinia & Sicily and were used to turn grinding stones inside peasant houses & for carrying water.

They are identified as either Sicilian or Sardinian donkeys according to their ancestry, although the two types do not differ. They have been extensively bred with each other and with animals of unidentified ancestry in the United States to produce a distinctively American breed of donkeys, which are often called the Miniature Mediterranean Donkey. Miniature donk ...

Miniature Breeds of Livestock

Miranda (Burro do Miranda) - Breeds of DonkeyMiranda (Burro do Miranda)

Miranda (Burro do Miranda) Breeds of Livestock

Moldavian Local - Breeds of DonkeyMoldavian Local

Moldavian Local Breeds of Livestock

Moroccan - Breeds of DonkeyMoroccan

Moroccan Breeds of Livestock

Mula - Breeds of DonkeyMula

Mula Breeds of Livestock

Mules - Breeds of DonkeyMules

A mule is the offspring of a male donkey (Jack) and a female horse (Mare). Mules can be lightweight, medium weight, or when produced from draft horse mares, of moderately heavy weight. Mules are more patient, hardy, and long-lived than horses, and are less obstinate and more intelligent than donkeys.

Mules Breeds of Livestock

Muscat - Breeds of DonkeyMuscat

Muscat Breeds of Livestock

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National Genatic - Breeds of DonkeyNational Genatic

National Genatic Breeds of Livestock

Nordestina - Breeds of DonkeyNordestina

Nordestina Breeds of Livestock

Norman (Âne Normand) - Breeds of DonkeyNorman (Âne Normand)

Norman (Âne Normand) Breeds of Livestock

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Top
Norman (Âne Normand)Donkey

Ogaden - Breeds of DonkeyOgaden

Ogaden Breeds of Livestock

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Pantelleria - Breeds of DonkeyPantelleria

Pantelleria Donkeys are an ancient breed from Pantelleria island, Italy, where they were common until a few decades ago.

Pantelleria Donkeys are very strong, in the past the were used to carry extremely heavy loads around the paths of the island. They represented an important resource for the island and Trapani province. The hybrids (mules) were highly appreciated abroad, as well. Also at some time in the past speed races were organized on track and Pantelleria Donkeys was preferred to horses, as they were more suit ...

Pantelleria Breeds of Livestock

Pantesco - Breeds of DonkeyPantesco

Pantesco Breeds of Livestock

Paulista - Breeds of DonkeyPaulista

Paulista Breeds of Livestock

Pega - Breeds of DonkeyPega

Pega Breeds of Livestock

Peruano - Breeds of DonkeyPeruano

Peruano Breeds of Livestock

Poitou - Breeds of DonkeyPoitou

Poitou Donkeysoriginates from the Poitou region of France, and they are most likely related to the Poitevin horses. It is thought that they were introduced in France by the Romans and may have been a wealth status symbol for French Nobility. They were also regarded as the finest and strongest donkeys in France, since they were as tall as large mules with legs and joints as large as most carriage horses.

Poitou donkeys are dark brown or black. They also have a white underbelly, nose, and rings around their eyes. Th ...

Poitou Breeds of Livestock

Ponui - Breeds of DonkeyPonui

Photo by Karen Nicoll
Ponui donkeys are New Zealand's only feral donkey breed. The feral herd is established on Ponui Island in the Hauraki Gulf, east of Auckland. They are descendants of three animals imported from Australia in the 1880s by the Chamberlin family, who obtained title to the island in 1854.

Ponui donkeys are mostly light grey in color, with a darker dorsal stripe, and stand about ten hands (one meter) high.

In recent years a number have been brought to the mainland and rare breeds enthusiasts are currently trying to ...

Ponui Breeds of Livestock

Primorsko Dinarski Magarac - Breeds of DonkeyPrimorsko Dinarski Magarac

Primorsko Dinarski Magarac Breeds of Livestock

Puttalam Buruwa - Breeds of DonkeyPuttalam Buruwa

Puttalam Buruwa Breeds of Livestock

Pyrenean (Âne des Pyrénées) - Breeds of DonkeyPyrenean (Âne des Pyrénées)

Pyrenean (Âne des Pyrénées) Breeds of Livestock

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Top
Pyrenean (Âne des Pyrénées)Donkey

Qinghai - Breeds of DonkeyQinghai

Qinghai Breeds of Livestock

Qinqyang - Breeds of DonkeyQinqyang

Qinqyang Breeds of Livestock

Qirmani - Breeds of DonkeyQirmani

Qirmani Breeds of Livestock

Qubressy - Breeds of DonkeyQubressy

Qubressy Breeds of Livestock

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Top

Ragusano - Breeds of DonkeyRagusano

Photo: di Salvatore Pipia / ISZS

Ragusano Donkeys originated in the area of Ragusa, Modica, Scicli S.Croce Camerina in Sicily. They are a new breed, officially recognized in 1953, when during selection studies the Horse Increase Institute of Catania (they keep the registry office) was able to fix a few characteristics. All the donkeys living in Sicily are to be traced back to the Pantelleria breed, especially those in the province of Trapani and to the usually called Sicilian breed, , present all over the island. The crossbreeding of the two above and with the Ma ...

Ragusano Breeds of Livestock

Riffawi - Breeds of DonkeyRiffawi

Riffawi Breeds of Livestock

Romainian - Breeds of DonkeyRomainian

Romainian Breeds of Livestock

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Top

Saidi - Breeds of DonkeySaidi

Saidi Breeds of Livestock

Sardinian - Breeds of DonkeySardinian

Photo: Alessio Zanon

Sardinian Donkeys are, unsurprisingly, from Sardinia, Italy. They have been on the island for a very long time. They are lively and rustic and are used as beasts of burden and farm labor. They are highly appreciated in Italy and abroad. They a have a lively temperament and no special needs.

Content and Photo source: Agraria.org.

Sardinian Breeds of Livestock

Sennar - Breeds of DonkeySennar

Sennar Breeds of Livestock

Shanbei - Breeds of DonkeyShanbei

Shanbei Breeds of Livestock

Sibbianl - Breeds of DonkeySibbianl

Sibbianl Breeds of Livestock

Sicilian Grey - Breeds of DonkeySicilian Grey

Photo Dr. Luigi Liotta - Università di Messina

Sicilian gey Donkeys, or the ‘Grey from Sicily’ are also commonly known as ‘Ferrante’.

They are a very ancient breed. We have some news in Chicoli (1870) about two donkey breeds in Sicily: an ordinary working breed (Sicilian) of small size with an uneven coat and the lower parts of the body constantly white and the breed of Pantelleria, a saddle breed from upper-class stables. Later about the Sicilian donkey Mascheroni (1927) considers two subbreeds, the one from the eastern provinces (similar to the Apulian donkey ...

Sicilian Grey Breeds of Livestock

Sjeverno Jadranski Magarac - Breeds of DonkeySjeverno Jadranski Magarac

Sjeverno Jadranski Magarac Breeds of Livestock

Somali - Breeds of DonkeySomali

Somali Breeds of Livestock

South-West Chinese - Breeds of DonkeySouth-West Chinese

South-West Chinese Breeds of Livestock

Sperki - Breeds of DonkeySperki

Sperki Breeds of Livestock

Spotted - Breeds of DonkeySpotted

Spotted Breeds of Livestock

Standard - Breeds of DonkeyStandard

It is believed that the first donkeys came to North America with Christopher Columbus in 1495. Donkeys were highly valued as sires for mules. Jacks, or the males were primarily used as pack animals and the Jennies were used for riding.

Donkeys were also used in Mexico after the conquest of the Aztecs in 1521. Mules were used in silver mines and for breeding mules.

Donkeys were used largely in the western United States during the nineteenth century during the gold rush as pack animals and for use in mines and ore-gri ...

Standard Breeds of Livestock

Subei - Breeds of DonkeySubei

Subei Breeds of Livestock

Sudanese Pack - Breeds of DonkeySudanese Pack

Sudanese Pack Breeds of Livestock

Syrian - Breeds of DonkeySyrian

Syrian Breeds of Livestock

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Tadzhikskaya - Breeds of DonkeyTadzhikskaya

Tadzhikskaya Breeds of Livestock

Taihang - Breeds of DonkeyTaihang

Taihang Breeds of Livestock

Tibetan - Breeds of DonkeyTibetan

Tibetan Breeds of Livestock

Toposa - Breeds of DonkeyToposa

Toposa Breeds of Livestock

Tswana - Breeds of DonkeyTswana

Tswana Breeds of Livestock

Tunisian - Breeds of DonkeyTunisian

Tunisian Breeds of Livestock

Turkmenskaya - Breeds of DonkeyTurkmenskaya

Turkmenskaya Breeds of Livestock

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Uzbekskaya - Breeds of DonkeyUzbekskaya

Uzbekskaya Breeds of Livestock

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Top

Viterbese (Grigio Viterbese) - Breeds of DonkeyViterbese (Grigio Viterbese)

Viterbese (Grigio Viterbese) Breeds of Livestock
There are no Donkey breeds that start with the letter W.

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Viterbese (Grigio Viterbese)Donkey

Xinjiang - Breeds of DonkeyXinjiang

Xinjiang Breeds of Livestock

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Yangyuan - Breeds of DonkeyYangyuan

Yangyuan Breeds of Livestock
There are no Donkey breeds that start with the letter Z.
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