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Chicken Breeds

Chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus) are domesticated birds that are raised for meat and eggs. There are over 24 billion chickens worldwide. Raising chickens is relatively inexpensive. Because of the low cost, chicken meat (also called "chicken") is one of the most common kinds of meat in the world.

Most breeds of chickens can fly for short distances and some roost in trees. Chickens are omnivores. In the wild, they often scratch at the soil to search for seeds, insects and even animals as large as lizards, small snakes or young mice. Chickens may live for five to ten years, depending on their breed. The world's oldest chicken died of heart failure at the age of 16 according to Guinness World Records.

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Breeds of Chickens

Incomplete list

We are still working on this list. If you have any pictures or information about one of these breeds that you would like to share please contact us. We would love to get your help.

There are the following breeds of Chickens:

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About Ameraucana ChickensAmeraucana

Ameraucana chickens are an American breed first established as a breed in 1984. Like the Araucanas, the Ameraucana lays eggs in shades of light blue, however the Ameraucana does not have the low fertility that its parent breed, the Araucana, has. The birds themselves have a hefty build are black and shades of grey. The breed boasts a snazzy beard, ear muffs and a tail.

Ameraucanas and Araucanas share many characteristics, however due to different countries around the world namely the USA and UK, there are some disputes about t ...

Ameraucana  - Chickens Breeds

About Ancona ChickensAncona

Ancona chickens are beautiful birds, best known for their speckled feathers and proud comb. First bred in the 1850's in the Italian city of Ancona, but later bred mainly in the United Kingdom and eventually in the United States. Ironically they are not very popular in Italy and attempts to bring them back to Italy have been going on since the early 2000’s. They are well known as foragers, good egg producers, and as show birds.  The Ancona’s color is a deep green or beetle green with white speckles at the tip of each feather. Th ...

Ancona  - Chickens Breeds

About Andalusian ChickensAndalusian

Andalusian chickens are blue feathered birds originally from Spain. Their origin is not entirely known, but the earliest records of it date back to the 1840’s.Their deep blue feathers make them very easy to spot in a crowd. Andalusians like to explore and dislike fences and cages, they are able to fly over fences over six feet tall. They are good foragers, explorers, flyers, egg layers, and are very robust winter birds.  

Their unique blue feathers are what really distinguish them from other breeds. The feathers are ...

Andalusian  - Chickens Breeds

About Araucana ChickensAraucana

Araucana chickens are a South American bird originally from chile. They are best known for being the progenitor of the Ameraucana and Easter Egger. Araucanas are a fairly rare bird due to a genetic deformity that causes many to die during incubation. The Araucana has a beard, ear tufts, and can have a tail or not tail. They lay a large number of eggs in various shades of light blue.

Araucanas are grouped into two categories, the United States and the United Kingdom. The United States group describes the Araucana as having a v ...

Araucana  - Chickens Breeds

About Astralorp ChickensAstralorp

Australorps are the Australian take on the Orpington breed. They are calm and friendly, and excellent layers of light brown eggs. The Australorp's exceptionally soft, shiny black plumage has hints of green and purple in the sunlight. Peaceful and dignified, Australorps are an absolutely delightful bird which we highly recommend to anyone who wants a pet chicken that lays dependably.

This breed originated in Australia developed from Black Orpingtons imported from England; and the ...

Astralorp  - Chickens Breeds

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About Barnevelder ChickensBarnevelder

Barnevelder chickens are named for the town of Barneveld in central Netherlands. They are good layers of large brown eggs and, unlike some other breeds, continue to lie well during winter.

In the 1850s Asian chickens began to arrive in Europe, where they were at first known as "Shanghai" chickens. These were initially cross-bred among them, and only later developed into breeds such as the Brahma, the Cochin and the Croad Liangshan. From about 1865, some of these Shanghai chickens were cross-bred with local farmyard chickens i ...

Barnevelder  - Chickens Breeds

About Bianca di Saluzzo ChickensBianca di Saluzzo

The breeds traditionally reared in Piedmont were tw the Bionda Piemontese and the Bianca di Saluzzo (or Bianca di Cavour).

Those two breeds currently count a few hundreds animals, bred by a few local agricoltural high schools that took the initiative to revive and preserve the original type since 1999. Fertilized eggs, chicks, pullets and breeders can be bought from Institute of Verzuolo.

Pullets start laying from 6-7th month. Eggs have white shell and the mean weight is 50 g. The egg laying is higher in spring and ...

Bianca di Saluzzo  - Chickens Breeds

About Bionda Piemontese ChickensBionda Piemontese

The breeds traditionally reared in Piedmont were tw the Bionda Piemontese and the Bianca di Saluzzo (or Bianca di Cavour).

Those two breeds currently count a few hundreds animals, reared by a few local agricultural high schools (Institute of Verzuolo, Cuneo) that took the initiative to revive and preserve the original type since 1999.

The Bionda Piemontese is very rustic and resistant to many diseases. The growth is rapid and the production of meat is valuable. The animals are reared out door and slaughtered at 112 ...

Bionda Piemontese  - Chickens Breeds

About Braekel (Brakel) ChickensBraekel (Brakel)

Braekel chickens are one of the older European chicken breeds. Their history dates back to 1416. They were even mentioned as a successful poultry breed of Belgium. There is a bantam version of the Braekel.Two distinct types of Braekel were recognized in the past: the large type living on rich clay soil Flanders, and a light-weight type from the less fertile region, the Kempen. Due to crossbreeding between the different types, this distinction vanished, resulting in a single type.

In the UK, USA, and Australia, however, on ...

Braekel (Brakel)  - Chickens Breeds

About Brahma ChickensBrahma

Source <a href=https://www.cacklehatchery.com/light-brahmas.html class = body target = _blank>Cackle Hatchery</a>
Brahma chickens are a large breed of chicken developed in the United States from very large birds imported from Shanghai. Brahma was the principal chicken used for meat in the US from the 1850s until about 1930.

There has been considerable controversy over the origin of the Brahma. It appears to have developed in the United States from birds imported from Shanghai. Limited cross-breeding with Chittagong chickens from Bangladesh is likely what gave the Brahma the distinctive characteristics of head shape and the pea comb that ...

Brahma  - Chickens Breeds

About Buckeye ChickensBuckeye

Buckeye  - Chickens Breeds

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About California Gray ChickensCalifornia Gray

California Gray  - Chickens Breeds

About Campine ChickensCampine

Campine  - Chickens Breeds

About Catalana ChickensCatalana

Catalana  - Chickens Breeds

About Chantecler ChickensChantecler

Chantecler  - Chickens Breeds

About Cornish (a.k.a. Indian Game) ChickensCornish (a.k.a. Indian Game)

Cornish (a.k.a. Indian Game)  - Chickens Breeds

About Cubalaya ChickensCubalaya

Cubalaya  - Chickens Breeds

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About Derbyshire Redcap ChickensDerbyshire Redcap

Derbyshire Redcap  - Chickens Breeds

About Dominique ChickensDominique

Dominique  - Chickens Breeds

About Dorking ChickensDorking

Dorking  - Chickens Breeds

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About Easter Egger ChickensEaster Egger

Easter Egger  - Chickens Breeds

About Egyptian Fayoumi ChickensEgyptian Fayoumi

Egyptian Fayoumi  - Chickens Breeds

About Ermellinata di Rovigo ChickensErmellinata di Rovigo

The selection work started in 1959 (and completed in 1965) at the Experimental Poultry Station in Rovigo, a city in Northern Italy. The Sussex and Rhode Island Red contributed to its creation. The aim of the selection was to obtain a good producer of valuable meat and good layer.

They are a double-purpose breed (meat and eggs), with good precocity. Also the hens can be used in the interbreeding for the production of autosexing chicks.

The chicks are yellow with light-grey wings. Adults have a “ermellinato” li ...

Ermellinata di Rovigo  - Chickens Breeds

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About Faverolles ChickensFaverolles

Faverolles  - Chickens Breeds

About French Naked Neck ChickensFrench Naked Neck

French Naked Neck  - Chickens Breeds
There are no Chicken breeds that start with the letter G.

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About Holland ChickensHolland

Holland  - Chickens Breeds

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About Iowa Blue ChickensIowa Blue

Iowa Blue  - Chickens Breeds

About Italian Naked-Neck ChickensItalian Naked-Neck

The Italian naked Neck, or Collo nudo italiana, chicken comes from Veneto (Nord-East of Italy). It probably originally came from Africa.

The Collo Nudo Italiana hens are excellent layers and the eggs are large and white (160-180 eggs a year, 58-62 g each). The meat is delicate and with thin skin. The subcutaneous and abdominal fat is nearly absent.

The Collo Nudo Italiana is very rustic and perfect for outdoor rearing, but poorly adapted to industrial production.

Content and photo source: Agraria.org

Italian Naked-Neck  - Chickens Breeds

About Italian Polish ChickensItalian Polish

Italian Polish, or padovana, chickens are an ancient breed with uncertain origins. According to Darwin, it came from Poland. It probably arrived in Italy in XIV century, brought by Giovanni Dondi dell’Orologio, nobleman from Padua, eminent doctor and astronomer, fascinated by the beauty of those chickens.

The origin is anyway confused, mingling with the origin of the Polish and the Dutch, which is tuffled but not bearded. Many quotations of XVI century talk about a particularly famous and productive chicken in Padua county. T ...

Italian Polish  - Chickens Breeds

About Ixworth ChickensIxworth

Ixworth  - Chickens Breeds

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About Java ChickensJava

Java  - Chickens Breeds

About Jersey Giant ChickensJersey Giant

Jersey Giant  - Chickens Breeds

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About Kraienköppe (Twentse) ChickensKraienköppe (Twentse)

Kraienköppe (Twentse)  - Chickens Breeds

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About Lakenvelder ChickensLakenvelder

Lakenvelder  - Chickens Breeds

About Leghorn ChickensLeghorn

The breed Livorno or “Italian chicken” is known as “Leghorn” all over the world. The origin is not so clear, probably from Central Italy, obtained from the selection of light chicken reared in Tuscany countryside. The name comes from the harbour from which, in 1828, some flocks have been sent to North America. (In the world there are many stocks of Leghorn: Italian L., Dutch L., English L., Danish L., German Italiener, American L., Canadian L.)

In 1874 was added to the American Standard of Perfection in its white, black and br ...

Leghorn  - Chickens Breeds

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About Marans ChickensMarans

Marans  - Chickens Breeds

About Marsh Daisy ChickensMarsh Daisy

Marsh Daisy  - Chickens Breeds

About Mericanel della Brianza ChickensMericanel della Brianza

Mericanel della Brianza Chickens are a Bantam breed which originally came from Lombardia, Italy. They are the only Bantam breed officially recognized in Italy. They are good brooding hens and are able to brood eggs of games or from other breeds.

Content and photo source: Agraria.org

Mericanel della Brianza  - Chickens Breeds

About Millefiori di Lonigo ChickensMillefiori di Lonigo

Millefiori di Lonigo chickens were shown for the first time in 1934 at the Sixteenth Padua Trade Fair by the Itinerant Lonigo Centre for Agricultural Research.

Some Millefiori di Lonigo chickens have been found in a traditional farm in South-Veneto, Italy, and they have been studied for two years in order to understand their real nature. Afterwards, the ri-selection of an ancient breed started: the Millefiori di Lonigo.

The most common problems were: rose eggs, red-veined earlobes, erect comb in female.
Many ye ...

Millefiori di Lonigo  - Chickens Breeds

About Millefiori Piemontese ChickensMillefiori Piemontese

The Millefiori Piemontese is currently extinct, however, according to local experts, it seems to have still existed in the beginning of the 1990’s although genetically altered by out-crossing. According to the available description, it seems to have been quite similar to the Ancona breed (exchequer), heavily built and with red earlobes but still quite similar to the typical homosomic Mediterranean chickens. 

The possiblity of surviving of few relict Millefiori Piemontese chicken can’t be excluded, so who knows? The ...

Millefiori Piemontese  - Chickens Breeds

About Minorca ChickensMinorca

Minorca  - Chickens Breeds

About Modenese ChickensModenese

The Modenese has been described as a local breed by some authors. According to some others, the Modenese should be the result of crossbreeding among Padovana Comune (Improved Magiarola), White Livorno, and Black Red Livorno.

Because of the predominant black red variety wheaten, it was called Buff of Modena. The Modenese chicken appears in some paintings by Gaetano Chierici, an artist from Emilia-Romagna. A breeding of Modenese has been recently discovered and the University of Parma is carrying out the productivity tests.
< ...

Modenese  - Chickens Breeds

About Mugellese ChickensMugellese

Mugellese chickens come from Mugello, Tuscany. They area a pure Bantam breed. They were common until the 1950’s; however, now they are extinct. Mugellese chickens were a good brooding hen. The capons were used to raise the chicks immediately after the birth. They are a very lively chicken, very active, even if mild.

Content and photo source: Agraria.org

Mugellese  - Chickens Breeds

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About Naked-Neck ChickensNaked-Neck

Naked Neck chickens (also known as Transylvanian Naked Necks or Turken) are a breed of chicken that is naturally devoid of feathers on its neck and vent. They originally are from Transylvania and were largely developed in Germany.

They are often referred to as Turkens because of the mistaken idea that they were a hybrid of a chicken and a turkey. Naked Neck chickens are fairly common in Europe today, but are rare in North America and very common in South American.

The naked neck trait is dominant and is fairly easy ...

Naked-Neck  - Chickens Breeds

About New Hampshire ChickensNew Hampshire

New Hampshire  - Chickens Breeds

About Norfolk Grey ChickensNorfolk Grey

Norfolk Grey  - Chickens Breeds

About Norwegian Jærhøne ChickensNorwegian Jærhøne

Norwegian Jærhøne  - Chickens Breeds

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About Orloff ChickensOrloff

Orloff  - Chickens Breeds

About Orpington ChickensOrpington

Orpington  - Chickens Breeds

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About Penedesenca ChickensPenedesenca

Penedesenca  - Chickens Breeds

About Pepoi ChickensPepoi

Bantam breed, very common in Veneto and Friuli (North-East Italy). It’s probably the only Bantam rustic breed, used for production. The Pepoi can be easily reared and it’s a good solution for the production of portion chicken. The breast has good pectoral muscles, excellent for the spit; the meat is very tasty.

Mean laying: 160-180 (rose shell, 40-45 g).Great broodiness and aptitude to chicks care.

Content and photo source: Agraria.org

Pepoi  - Chickens Breeds

About Pita Pinta Austuriana ChickensPita Pinta Austuriana

Pita Pinta Austuriana chickens, also known as Asturian Painted Hen , belongs to the Atlantic branch of domestic chickens and has common ancestry with other breeds in northern Spain, such as the Euskal Oiloa of the Basque Country. Their name comes from the Asturian language, in which pita means "hen" and pinta meaning "painted" or “mottled”.

With the industrialization of egg production in Asturias in the 1950s and 1960s, the number of Pita Pinta Austuriana chickens dropped dramatically, almost to the point of extinction. They sta ...

Pita Pinta Austuriana  - Chickens Breeds

About Plymouth Rock ChickensPlymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock chickens were developed in New England in the middle of the 19th century as a dual-purpose fowl, meaning that they are valued both for their meat and for the hens' egg-laying ability. The first Plymouth Rock was barred and other varieties were developed later.

Plymouth Rock chickens were first exhibited as a breed in 1849. Several people claimed its invention, using crosses of Dominiques, Black Javas, Cochins, and perhaps Malays and Dorkings. John C. Bennett (1804–1867) has been credited with either creating or ...

Plymouth Rock  - Chickens Breeds

About Polish Frizzle ChickensPolish Frizzle

It’s also called the Padovana of Chili. The breed was included in Italian Catalogues at the end of XIX century.

It’s very similar to Tuffled Padovana, but with a frizzle livery, which confers a very ornamental appearance. The breed died out early in Italy, but it survived in foreign countries (most of all in U.S.A.), also in Bantam variety.

In U.S.A. the “Padovana riccia” is known as Polish Frizzle and the liveries are the same of. In the two last decades the breed has been re-imported in Italy from U.S.A., but at ...

Polish Frizzle  - Chickens Breeds

About Poltava ChickensPoltava

Poltava  - Chickens Breeds

About Polverara ChickensPolverara

Ancient Italian breed which took origin in Polverara, a village in the county of Padua. Since 1400, it’s known as “Padovana di Polverara”, “Schiatta di Polverara” or “Schiatta”. According to some authors, the breed is the ancestor of Padovana. On the contrary, some others assert that the Polverara came from the Padovana.

The breed has nearly disappeared. It’s reared for its tasty meat and for the fair production of eggs. Nowadays there is a project for the recover of the breed and it’s included in the list of “traditional prod ...

Polverara  - Chickens Breeds
There are no Chicken breeds that start with the letter Q.

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About Red Shaver ChickensRed Shaver

Red Shaver  - Chickens Breeds

About Rhode Island Red ChickensRhode Island Red

Rhode Island Red  - Chickens Breeds

About Rhode Island White ChickensRhode Island White

Rhode Island White  - Chickens Breeds

About Robusta Lionata ChickensRobusta Lionata

Robusta Lionata chickens are a dual-purpose chicken that was created in 1965 at the Experimental Poultry Station in Rovigo, a city in Northern Italy. The Buff Oprington and the White America contributed to its creation.

Mean production a year: 160-170 (rosy shell, 55-60 g).

Content and photo source: Agraria.org.

Robusta Lionata  - Chickens Breeds

About Robusta Maculata ChickensRobusta Maculata

The selection work completed in 1965 at the Experimental Poultry Station in Rovigo, a city in Northern Italy. The Buff Oprington and the White America contributed to its creation. This breed has become more and more popular in last years, most of all because of its graceful look.

The Robusta Maculata has a good rusticity, excellent for biological breeding and typical productions.

Double-purpose breed (meat and eggs). Medium precocity.

The layers have quite good precocity. The eggs have a shell from rosy to ...

Robusta Maculata  - Chickens Breeds

About Romagnola ChickensRomagnola

The breed was common in Romagna and part of Emilia (Ravenna, Forli and Bologna). Fine boned. The comb is single, of medium size, erect in the cock and folded in the hen, red, smooth. The wattles are well developed. The earlobes are oval shaped, small, cream-coloured, sometimes with blue shades, especially in young animals. The shanks can be pure yellow, yellow but spotted with dark, greenish or totally dark, which is the favourite colour. The liveries can be various, as shown by historical pictures, but probably the most common types wer ...

Romagnola  - Chickens Breeds

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About Scots Dumpy ChickensScots Dumpy

Scots Dumpy  - Chickens Breeds

About Scots Grey ChickensScots Grey

Scots Grey  - Chickens Breeds

About Sicilian Buttercup ChickensSicilian Buttercup

Sicilian Buttercup, or just Sicilian, chickens are a very ancient Italian breed. They are very common in Sicily. It’s probably the result of the ancient crossbreeding between Sicilian chickens and chickens coming from North Africa. Nowadays the Siciliana is in the process of recovery.

Good precocity. The cock starts to show sexual instinct at 40 days, the hen starts laying at 5 months. The eggs have white shell.

Fine-boned, with well developed muscles (thighs and breast), round and well shaped: this breed is a good ...

Sicilian Buttercup  - Chickens Breeds

About Siciliana Buttercup  ChickensSiciliana Buttercup

Siciliana Buttercup   - Chickens Breeds

About Sussex ChickensSussex

Sussex  - Chickens Breeds

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About Tuffled Ghigi ChickensTuffled Ghigi

The creation of this breed with its varieties is owed to the talent and scientific accuracy of Professor Alessandro Ghigi. During the decade 1920-1930, when he was Director of the Stazione Sperimentale di Pollicoltura in Rovigo, Professor Ghigi studied the hereditary behaviour of certain opposite characters such as the cerebral or cranial hernia in Padua's - which implies the growth of a large crest - in concomitance with the peculiar shape of comb and nostrils. The hereditary behaviour of these features was researched and compared to th ...

Tuffled Ghigi  - Chickens Breeds
There are no Chicken breeds that start with the letter U.

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About Valdarnese ChickensValdarnese

Valdarnese chickens are  the heterozygous result of the crossbreeding of many different breeds, among which is conspicuous the Livorno. This hybrid was born in 1950’s, appreciate by Prof. Quilici, it never obtained an official standard so that it was never really selected. Since 1999 there are an association (“Agricultori Custodi”) where some farms organised a Protection Agency.

The Valdarnese is excellent when reared free in the countryside: not adapted to intensive production. It’s slaughtered at 5 months. The eggs hav ...

Valdarnese  - Chickens Breeds

About Valdarno ChickensValdarno

The standard was done by Cav. Maggi, big breeder of the Valdarno, in 1905. The same year it was made official by the Italian Poultry Society, presided by Marchese Trevisan, during the National Congress in Mantova. Anyway the polemic went on among judges, breeders and experts even after 1905. The publishing house Battiato, in 1914, published the book “Poultry scattered pages”, in honour of Teodoro Pascal. A chapter of the book is titled “Minestrone alla Valdarno”, where articles and letters about the discussion are collected. While the po ...

Valdarno  - Chickens Breeds

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About WelsuBresse ChickensWelsuBresse

WelsuBresse  - Chickens Breeds

About White-Faced Black Spanish ChickensWhite-Faced Black Spanish

White-Faced Black Spanish  - Chickens Breeds

About Winnebago ChickensWinnebago

Winnebago  - Chickens Breeds

About Wyandotte ChickensWyandotte

Wyandotte  - Chickens Breeds
There are no Chicken breeds that start with the letter X.
There are no Chicken breeds that start with the letter Y.
There are no Chicken breeds that start with the letter Z.
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