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About Ukrainian Spotted Steppe PigsUkrainian Spotted Steppe

Ukrainian steppe speckled pigs are bred for meat and lard. They are well adapted to the arid Ukrainian climate.

They are big, powerful, pigs with a strong constitution. Adult male pigs on average weigh 280 to 300 kg and are 170 to 175 cm long. Sows weigh 200 to 220 kg and are 158 to 160 cm long.

Generally they are mottled in black and white and ending with black and red.

They have a deep and broad chest. Their back and loin are wide and straight. Their hams are well developed and have a rounded shape.

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About Ukrainian White Steppe PigsUkrainian White Steppe

Ukrainian White Steppe Pigs are a general purpose pig breed from Ukraine. They have a high resistance to disease and are perfectly adapted to the arid conditions of the south of Ukraine.

They were developed by M. F. Ivanov between 1926 and 1934 with the goal of producing a productive pig with the endurance and adaptability for the conditions of the south of Ukraine. They were developed by the crossing of local pigs with boars of Large White pigs.

Males weight 335 to 345 kilograms around 180 cm long. Sows weight 230 to 255 kg and are around 167 cm long. Sows have 12-19 piglets per litter.

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About Urzhum PigsUrzhum

Urzhum pigs were developed in the late 1950s in the Kirov region of Urzhum, Russia. They are the result of a long of crossing of local pigs with Large White boars.

They are hardy and have good meat qualities; and as such can be used in a system of intensive pork production on an industrial basis.

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