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About San Juan PigsSan Juan

San Juan pigs are a breed of domestic pig that is native to the island of Puerto Rico. They are a hardy breed that can adapt well to different environments and feed conditions. San Juan pigs have a black or dark brown coat, a medium-sized body, and a broad snout. They are known for their meat which is considered to be more flavorful and tender than commercial breeds. San Juan pigs are known for their foraging ability and can obtain a significant portion of their food from the wild. They are known to be disease resistant and have a good reproductive rate. They are also known to be docile and easy to handle, which makes them popular among farmers. San Juan pig is considered as a heritage breed and in danger of extinction, therefore there are ...

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About Sarda PigsSarda

This is an Italian breed, which comes from Sardinia. It is very alike the wild boar it often mares with in the underwood or in the scrub where it usually grazes. In 2006 this breed was officially registered among the Italian autochthonous swine breeds.

A small size pig, grown-up weight 70-100 kg. The color of the coat can be black, grey, tawny, spotted. The bristles are numerous, long and rough, on the dorsal line they make up a mane.

The head is cone-shaped with a straight profile, small ears kept high up or leaning on the side. Sometimes this pig may have jowls like the Casertana breed.

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About Semirechye PigsSemirechye

Semirechye pigs are a general purpose pig breed from Kazakhstan.

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About Shaziling PigsShaziling

Shaziling pigs, also known as Shazi pigs, are an indigenous breed of domestic swine originating from the Shazi Township in Hunan Province, China. They are characterized by their distinctive black and white markings, compact build, and hardy temperament.

Shaziling pigs are considered medium-sized hogs, typically weighing between 180 and 250 kilograms (397 and 551 pounds) at maturity. Boars tend to be slightly larger than sows.

They have a compact and muscular build, with a slightly arched back and a deep chest. Their heads are medium in size, featuring erect ears and a slightly dished snout.

Their coats exhibit a distinctive black and white pattern, with the black patches typically covering the head, should ...

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About Siberian Black Pied PigsSiberian Black Pied

Siberian Black Pied Pigs are fromRussia. They were developed from stock rejected in the process of developing theNorth Siberian breed. They were a specialized breed for the Novosibirskregion with headcount ranging from 4000 to 12000 since the 1960s.

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About Small Black PigsSmall Black

Small Black, or Suffolk, Pigs are extinct pigs from the United Kingdomduring the nineteenth century.

Their origin is uncertain, but mostly likely there were a cross between Essexpigs and foreign breeds in efforts to improve it. The Small Black closely resembled the, also now extinct, Small White, except they were black and had pricked ears and a short upturned snout - which indicates a contribution from imported Chinese pigs.

Small Black Pigs seems to have had a rather mixed reputation amongst agriculturalists. By the turn of the 20th century they were quickly becoming unpopular and they were said to have a delicate constitution and a too large percentage of fat, although it matured early.

They appear ...

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About Small White PigsSmall White

Small White, or Small Yorkshire, Pigs were a breed of pig originatingrnin the United Kingdom. They were common during the nineteenth century. However they are now extinct, but their characteristics were used in producing the MiddlernWhite and other swine breeds.

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About Spots PigsSpots

Please see About Gloucestershire Old Spot.

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About Swabian-Hall PigsSwabian-Hall

Swabian-Hall Pigs originating from Schwabisch Hall in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. They are a large pig, white in the center with a black head and rear and narrow grey bands at the transition from white to black skin. They have large litters averaging more than nine piglets.

They are the result of King Wilhelm going to China and obtaining Meishan Swine and then crossbreeding them with Russian Wild Boar that was indigenous to the country of Germany. He did this because the indigenous pork was too lean and too dry, much the same as the current confinement, heavily muscled, super-lean hogs in the U.S. Swabian-Hall meat was named the world’s best pork in 1832, and then again at the 1892 Worlds Fair. 

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About Swedish Landrace PigsSwedish Landrace

Swedish Landrace Pigs are the leading breed of pig in Sweden. They have heavy drooping ears and a white coat. The Swedish strain of the Landrace pig originated from importations from neighboring countries, particularly Denmark.

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