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Photo source: Agraria.org The Valdarnese chicken, a captivating creature of the Italian countryside, emerges as a testament to the serendipitous dance of genetics and the boundless spirit of rural life. Born from the intricate intermingling of various breeds, with Livorno standing proudly among them, this hybrid marvel made its debut in the fertile soil of the 1950s. Revered by the discerning eye of Prof. Quilici, it garnered admiration but never secured the coveted mantle of an official standard, thus evading the scrutinizing gaze of selective breeding.

Since its inception, the Valdarnese has carved a niche for itself, thriving in the embrace of sprawling countryside expanses rather than the confines of intensive production. Its essence flourishes best w ...

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The saga of the Valdarno chicken, a tale steeped in tradition and controversy, dates back to the early 20th century when Cav. Maggi, a prominent breeder from the Valdarno region, meticulously crafted the breed''s standard in 1905. This standard was officially endorsed by the Italian Poultry Society during the National Congress in Mantova, presided over by Marchese Trevisan. However, the journey towards recognition was fraught with polemics among judges, breeders, and experts, as chronicled in the book "Poultry Scattered Pages" published by Battiato in 1914.

Despite the lingering debate, the Valdarno breed eventually faded into obscurity. Yet, in recent years, the fervent dedication of enthusiast breeder Fabrizio Focardi has spark ...

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Vorwerks, also known as Golden Lakenvelders, hail from Germany and are esteemed as dual-purpose chickens excelling in both meat and egg production. Renowned for their versatility, Vorwerk hens are reliable layers of cream-colored eggs, boasting an impressive annual production of approximately 170 eggs per year. Hardy and adaptable to various climates and conditions, they are well-suited for a range of farming environments.

In terms of temperament, Vorwerks are characterized as alert and active, displaying a spirited demeanor without being overly flighty. Their buff-colored plumage is complemented by striking black accents on their head, neck, and tail, creating a distinctive and visually appealing appearance. Sporting a single co ...

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