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About Old English Game ChickensOld English Game

Old English Game are one of the most popular show chickens with fanciers, which is fortunate because they don''t provide a lot of meat and they aren''t very good layers.  

Old English Games are quick to be trained to their handlers, becoming friendly and calm almost instantly, making them a wonderful choice to have around children. Younger roosters will fight once in a while, but this is common with most any breed. In addition, the hens are so tolerant that they have no problem sharing space with even hens of other breeds. They are perfectly fine with little space and keep fairly quiet, so they are a good choice for a residential area.  

Despite being a bantam and therefore small, Old English Gam ...

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About Orloff ChickensOrloff

Orloff, also known as Russian Orloff, chickens are named after Alexei Grigoryevich Orlov, a Russian Count. For most of its history, the Orloff was considered to be a product of Russia and Orlov, but modern research has discovered that the breed first appeared in Persia, and was distributed across Europe and Asia by the 17th century. However, Count Orlov was a key promoter of the breed in the 19th century, and the breed became known in the West following his efforts.  

Orloffs were first introduced to Great Britain in the 1920s, and were also refined a good deal in Germany; Germans created the first miniaturized Orloff by 1925. They were once included in the American Poultry Association''s breed standard, the Sta ...

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About Orpington ChickensOrpington

Orpingtons are all around great birds. They can lay up to 200 eggs in a year, are thick and meaty birds for cooking, and are easily relaxed for showing. They tend to be a good choice for any chicken enthusiast just getting into the hobby or for any farmer needing a top-notch reliable chicken around the yard.  

Orpingtons are friendly and relaxed, so much so that they can be training to feed from the hand. They are perfectly content in confinement, which goes along with why they make such good show chickens. They''re very active and like to explore, yet they aren''t too concerned when there isn''t too much space to do so. They tend to like each other and don''t get into arguments or squabbles either.  

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