About Hamburg ChickensHamburg

Hamburg chickens lay four small, white, flavor-packed eggs a week. What they lack in egg size, they make up in longevity. Hamburgs consistently lay for many years. In fact, the Dutch called them “everlayers.” Hamburg hens mature early and start laying at four months of age. The chicks have a delicate constitution, but once established, the breed proves quite robust. Hamburgs like to forage and will fly the coop to do so. Fortunately, they tolerate cold and can endure a night away from the coop. They are an active breed and they often refuse to sit long enough to hatch their brood.

Hamburgs have a wild disposition. They like to fly, forage, and roost in trees. Owners have awoken to find their whole flock in the trees. Hu ...

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About Holland ChickensHolland

Holland chickens are dual purpose birds developed at the Rutgers Breeding Farms in New Jersey,US. They were created with birds imported from Holland crossed with White Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshires, and Lamonas, which created the White Hollands. Another cross included White Leghorns, Barred Plymouth Rocks, Australorps and Brown Leghorns that produced the barred variety of Hollands. Both were accepted by the American Poultry Association in 1949.  

White Hollands have pure white plumage without any other colors. Barred Hollands have black and white barred feathers covering the entire chicken. Holland hens have a darker plumage than the roosters. Roosters weigh eight pounds, and the hens weight six. Holl ...

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About Houdan ChickensHoudan

Houdans are dual-purpose chicken. In France they have a reputation as a high class table fowl. Houdans produce a juicy, white meat with fine bones. They are also fair egg producers: they lay two eggs a week for eight to ten years. Chicks mature quickly without issues. They handle confinement; although, they prefer foraging. Houdans can live on any soil type and secure most of their food by their own efforts. The ornamental Houdan does better in warm, dry climates. Their heavy head feathering freezes when cold and wet. Houdans produce less offal than other breeds resulting in fewer parasites in the soils under them.  

Houdans enjoy human interaction. If handled early, the hens make great pets for children. Houdan roos ...

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