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About Yanan PigsYanan

Yanan Pigs are from the western Sichuan Basin hilly region, in China, generally at an elevation 800 m 400 a mild climate, abundant rainfall in the region.

Yanan pigs have black coats and large long bodies. Their hindquarters are slightly tilted, their bellies are big but not drooping.

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About Yorkshire PigsYorkshire

Yorkshire pigs are one of the most common pig breed in North America. They are white and have upright ears. Black spots are not permitted. While the Yorkshire breed comes in three distinct sizes -- small, medium and large -- only the latter is traditionally found in the American pork industry. They are an extremely muscular pig and the typical Yorkshire carcass contains a great deal of lean meat, with little fat on the back.

The Yorkshire breed was developed in Yorkshire, England, in 1761. In 1830, the first Yorkshires were imported to Ohio; however, they have a slow growth rate, which made them less popular until the late 1940s. In the 1940’s the focus of the pork industry became more focused on size and many ...

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