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About Zaniskari Pony HorsesZaniskari Pony

Zanskari Ponies are bred in the high altitude Zanskar region of Ladakh in eastern Jammu and Kashmir State of India. They are very similar to Spiti ponies but they are more adaptable for higher altitude where they are used as work horses.

They stand 120-140 cm in height, and weigh 320-450 kg. Their coloration runs from usually grey to black, though some specimens are a reddish, coppery color. They are able to carry heavy loads at high altitude and are used for work. They are well built with prominent eyes, fine, long glossy hair, and a long heavy tail.  

Zansikari Ponies are strong and hard workers. They can carry heavy loads at high altitudes. They are also used for pleasure riding and showing, as well.

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About Zeeland HorsesZeeland

Zeeland horses, or Zeeuwse Trekpaard, are an old Dutch Breed that was influential in the development of the Belgian and Dutch draft horses. Dutch and Belgian carriage horses are very similar and their registries will often take animals from the other country. It is thought that the breeding of the Zeeland horse began early in the 17th century. Initially they were developed not only as a carriage horse, but as a robust workhorse for wartime, agriculture, and mining. In fact, a large portion of the Dutch economy depended on the strength of these animals. They were highly prized animals well into the 20th century when mechanical transport became more effective. However, after the Second World War, Zeeland horses became more of a pleas ...

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About  Zemaitukas Horses Zemaitukas

Zemaituka horses (also known as Zamituka, Zemaichu Zhemaichu, Zhmudk, or Zhmud) comes from Lithuania and are a forest type that isrnpart of the Konik family.

They were bred in Lithuania since the 16th century and werernused by local people for farming and transportation. Throughout the years theyrnhave been influenced by various other exotic types and more recently in thern19th century Arabian stock was added. By the start of the 20th century therernwere two distinct types within the breed, one lighter and more refined (thoughrnfewer in numbers) and a heavier animal without the Arabian refinement.

Once popular, the breed was brought to the brink ofrnextinction by changing agricultural demands and World War II. In 2010, the ...

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About  Zweibrucker Horses Zweibrucker

Zweibrücker, or Zweibrücken, are warmblooded horses that were originally bred at the state-owned stud facilities in Zweibrücken, Germany (one of Germany’s smaller state run facilities.) However since 1977 they have been breed under the jurisdiction of the Horse Breeders'' Association of Rhineland-Palatinate-Saar (PRPS). Modern Zweibrücker horses are elegant, large-framed, correct sport horses with powerful, elastic gaits suitable for dressage, show jumping, eventing, and combined driving.  

The Zweibrücker stud program was founded in the mid-18th century and populated with animals of noble bearing. These animals were carefully crossed and further improved upon until 1801 when the farm was moved. Napoleon saw seve ...

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