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About  Yakutian Horses Yakutian

Credit: Gerner Thomsen/Alamy Stock Photo Yakutian horse (also known as the Yakut horse, Yakut pony, or simply the Yakut) are a rare native horse from the Siberian Sakha Republic (or Yakutia) region. They impressive om their adaptation to the extreme cold climate of Yakutia, including the ability to locate and graze on vegetation that is under deep snow cover, and to survive without shelter in temperatures that reach -70 °C (-94 °F).  

Yakutian horse appear to have evolved from domesticated horses brought with the Yakuts when they migrated to the area beginning in the 13th century, and are not descended from wild horses known to inhabit the area in Neolithic times.

They are small, averaging 150 centimetres (14.3 hands) and shares some outward ...

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About Yanqi HorsesYanqi

Yanqi ponies are found in China in north Xinjiang. Its influences were the Mongolian, Don, and Orlov Trotter. Yanqi are used for riding and light draft work.

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About  Yili Horses Yili

Yili is a small horse from the north-western Xinjiang region of China. They originated around 1900 from Russian breeds crossed with Mongolian stock. Don, and Don-Thoroughbred crosses as well as Orlov Trotters were used from 1936 on to improve the native horses. In 1963 the decision was made to aim for a draft-type horse.  

Yili horses are compact and harmonious in conformation with a light head and straight profile. Their withers are well pronounced and their back is short and strong, though their loin is long. Yili horses are normally bay, chestnut, black or gray. Their legs are clean with well-defined tendons; their front legs are correctly set and well-muscled while their hind legs tend to be sickled and some ...

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About  Yonaguni Horses Yonaguni

Photo by Paipateroma Yonaguni Horses (Yonaguni uma) are native to southwest Japan, specifically Yonaguni Island. In 1939, when all local breeds began to be improved to produce larger war horses, the Yonaguni on their remote island were excluded from the plan, and the breed has been preserved. Still, due to the mechanization of agriculture, their number progressively decreased. Today, fewer than 200 are known to live in Japan. 

Yonaguni Horses are small and considered to be pony height typically 11 hands (44 inches, 112 cm).

Source: Japanese Horse Breeds ( ).

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