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About Iberian Warmblood HorsesIberian Warmblood

Iberian Warmbloods are sport horses that have a minimum of 25% Andalusian and/or Lusitano bloodlines from one or both of their parents. The ancestors of these horses include the primitive Sorraia horse, which around 900 B.C., was mixed with horses from Northern Africa. The Sorraia, perhaps the oldest breed of horse, is depicted in early cave paintings found on the Iberian Peninsula.  

Breeders of dressage and show jumping horses have long been seeking a way to breed a horse with greater sensitivity and a greater ability for the collection required for piaffe, passage, and jumping. The Iberian blood strengthens the horse''s soundness, athleticism, and versatility. When bred to other breeds with the big stride for ...

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About  Icelandic Horses Icelandic

Icelandic horses are one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. They were brought to Iceland by the first settlers from Norway, in the late ninth to early tenth centuries.

Due to the harsh climate and the lack of vegetation over more than one half of the country, the Icelandic horse had an extremely difficult existence. Only the strongest and the fittest could survive.

As a result of a plague in Europe, Iceland quarantined itself for many years. In AD 930 a law was passed to ban the importation of horses and other animals into Iceland to keep out diseases. This had the effect of preserving the purity of the Icelandic horses – they have never been crossbred with other horses and have remained pure for over a t ...

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About Indian Country Bred Horse HorsesIndian Country Bred Horse

Indian Country Bred is the common name for a inter-bred mixture of Bhutia Ponies, Spiti Ponies, and Tibetan Ponies. These animals have been interbred for years so that many of the individual characteristics of the Bhutia and Spiti have been lost, and they now are categorized as "Indian Country Bred." They originated in the Himalayan region of India, and are now found in the Buhtan, Sikkim, and Darjeeling regions of India.  

They were well suited to mountainous climate and terrain, they are not as able to endure humidity and heat. In fact, they are given to sun stroke and have trouble equalizing their internal temperature. A lack of nutritious grasses generally affects the growth and development of these ponies, a ...

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About  Iomud Horses Iomud

Iomuds are light horses from Turkmenistan. They are raised in Turkmenistan, particularly in the velayat of Dasoguz; in Uzbekistan; in Karakalpakstan (now part of Uzbekistan); and in Iraq, Iran and Turkey.

Like other breeds of Turkmen horses – including Akhal-Teke, Ersari, Goklan, Salor and Sarik –Iomuds are named for the Turkmen tribe that formed it, the Iomud. Both the name of the horse and the name of the Turkmen clan may be spelt in many ways, including Iomud, Yomud, Yamud and Yomut. The Iomud people occupy the northern part of modern Turkmenistan, from the eastern shores of the Caspian Sea in the west to the area of Dasoguz, on the northern edge of the Karakum Desert, in the north-east. They are principally concentr ...

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About Irish Draught HorsesIrish Draught

Irish Draught horses are native to Ireland. They are a light draught breed that was historically developed for work on farms. Today they have adapted to the ever-changing pace of equestrianism to become a very versatile breed. As a foundation breed of the Irish Sport Horse, the Irish Draughts temperament makes them easy to work with in any discipline. Along with characteristics of strength, intelligence, courage, and light action they are an ideal equine to partner with from amateur to professional rider.

From the earliest times horses have always been a part of Irish life. Over the years small active native horses were crossed with Norman horses and Spanish Andalusian stallions to increase the size of the native breed. I ...

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About Irish Sport HorsesIrish Sport

The Irish Sport Horse is considered Irelands, most successful competition horse.The selective breeding of Draught bloodlines with Sport horse breeds and thoroughbred produces a truly exceptional equine athlete that excels and competes to the very highest levels in equestrianism.Renowned worldwide for their wonderful temperaments and wiliness to workthe Irish Sport horse is a horse of distinction.

The Irish Sport Horse is considered Ireland’s most successful competition horse.The selective breeding of Draught bloodlines with Sport horse breeds and thoroughbred produces a truly exceptional equine athlete that excels and competes to the very highest levels in equestrianism.Renowned worldwide for their wonderful temperament ...

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About Italian Heavy Draft HorsesItalian Heavy Draft

Italian Heavy Draft, also known as Rapid Heavy Draft, horse were developed in the 19th and 20th centuries using both draft and light horse breeds, and are used mainly for heavy draft work and meat.    

Italian Heavy Draft were developed starting in 1860 at the Deposito Cavalli Stalloni stud in Ferrara, Italy. They were developed from crossing native Po Delta stallions with Thoroughbred, Hackney, and Arabian horses. Around 1900, weight was added to the breed with the addition of Boulonnais, Ardennes, and Norfolk-Breton blood. The breeding programs suffered during World War II, but a careful crossbreeding program with Ardennes, Percheron and Breton horses after the war brought the Italian Heavy Draft to its ...

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About Italian Saddle  HorsesItalian Saddle

Italian saddle horses are a recent creation and are excellent horses for show jumping, dressage, eventing, endurance. They were created by crossing many Italian breeds, with the Sardinian Anglo-Arab predominating. The aim has been to obtain a horse with a noble appearance and the robustness typical to the descendants of English thoroughbreds, and the reliability of the Italian breeds.

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About Italian TPR Agricultural HorsesItalian TPR Agricultural

Italian TPR Agricultural Horses are draught horses, characterised by a heavy frame and great development of the muscles and the skeleton, are differentiated into slow heavy draught horses, represented by the Belga breed, and fast heavy draught horses, represented by the Italian Agricultural Horse. Thanks to its high speed of growth and the notable development of its muscle mass, these alter are also particularly appropriate for the production of meat.  

The Italian TPR Agricultural Horse has its origin in the plane of Venice, Ferrara and Friuli. At first stallions from Polesine were used, but later on English thoroughbred stallions were introduced, along with Hackneys and Arab thoroughbreds. Around 1900 productio ...

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About Italian Trotter HorsesItalian Trotter

The Italian Trotter is a harness racing horse developed over the last century by crossing Thoroughbred stallions with French (Norman) trotters, Russian Trotters and American Standardbred mares. The goal of the selection was to blend the speed of the Standardbred with the stamina of the French Trotter. The result is a large, physically powerful horse standing up to 17 hands (68 inches, 173 cm) at the withers, with athletic ability and capable of defeating Standardbreds on the race track.

The most famous Italian trotting horse is certainly “Varenne”. He has won the equivalent of 6,400,000 euros in prize-money.

He was born on May19TH 1995, the progeny of the stallion Waikiki Beach and the mare Ialmaz. Varenne is ...

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