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About Welsummer ChickensWelsummer

Welsummer chickens are best known for their dark brown, speckled eggs, as well as having red partridge color. This makes them great as layers and equally as great as show birds. Welsummers are an all-around simple and friendly breed. Hens can become broody late in the spring, but otherwise are easy to get along with.  

Welsummers have just the single red comb atop their head with bodies built for egg laying. The males have tails held fairly high while the hens have folded tails that accentuate their laying status. Their eyes have a dark red coloring surrounding them and their legs are yellow, though the color will slowly fade the more eggs they lay until they are eventually a pale white.  

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About White-Faced Black Spanish ChickensWhite-Faced Black Spanish

White-Faced Black Spanish Chickens are good egg layers with a distinctive look. They have a white face on a black body. Their ear-lobes hang very low, and they have a single large comb and no crest. Their plumage is black and very glossy.  

They don’t like to be held and they are considered flighty. They''re also thought to be rather noisy birds. However, they are easy to maintain and they have no special needs, though they don''t particularly enjoy confinement. They aren''t great in cold temperatures but thrive in the heat.

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About Wyandotte ChickensWyandotte

Wyandotte chickens are excellent egg layers, plus they are trusting and friendly. They are easy to care for, especially for those that just want a few tame chickens to have around the farm. They look much heavier than they actually are due to bulk feathers.  

They are large chickens with round shaped bodies and very pronounced feathers. Their tails point up a bit and look like an upside-down V when viewed from behind. Their heads are round and short and have bodies that look like they''re very low to the ground due to how full their feathers look. They have very strikingly red facial features with a rose comb, red eyes, and red ear-lobes. They have yellow legs.

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