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About Ogaden Zebu CattleOgaden Zebu

Ogaden Zebu, also known as Lowland Zebu, cattle are a sub-breed of Zebu Cattle. See Zebu cattle to learn more.

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About Ongole CattleOngole

Ongole cattle are a breed of cattle that originated from Prakasam District in Andhra Pradesh, India. They are known for their resistance to foot and mouth disease and mad cow disease, their strength and aggressiveness, making them popular for bull fights in Mexico and some parts of East Africa. They are traditionally raised by local farmers, fed by rivers in the Nallamala Hills and the Krishna River. Ongole bulls have been exported to several countries, including the US, and have contributed to the development of other breeds such as Nelore in Brazil and Santa Gertrudis in Texas. The Ongole breed is known for its toughness, rapid growth rate, and natural tolerance to tropical heat, making it the first Indian breed of cattle to gain worldwid ...

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